6 badass gingerbread spaceships


Firefly gingerbread ship

Here we have a completely edible Firefly class ship… the Serenity. Created by SuperSop, you can see the entire build gallery here and even download the template if you want to try on your own!


Here’s another extremely well done Serenity, again with full gallery of build pictures. This one was made by Kristoffer Gressli

U.S.S. Enterprise gingerbread ship

Instructibles user Audreyh4 has done a fine job with this U.S.S. Enterprise.

Reddit user nem8 has built one as well. You can see him here flying it around… as you would normally do.


The gingerbread MillenniumĀ Falcon

This fairly amazing Millennium Falcon is on display at the Canadian national gingerbread showcase. It was made by the Canoe Brewpub. I particularly love chewie on this one.

This well done one comes along with a fun build video too!


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