Zombies Vs Hackers: The Most Awesome Project I Never Built


No, this isn’t an April fools joke.


When I was tasked with promoting Hackaday.com I came up with some crazy ideas for videos that actually did pretty well. The Portal gun that actually levitates a companion cube got over 1.6 million views. The 80,000 volt Mjolnir was shown all around the world and the TazerDrone video sucked but earned me my first cease and desist!

I had this idea to do something BIG that would pull people in and make a regular series out of it. I had to come up with some crazy things that a normal sane person would never actually build.  My idea was Hackers Vs Zombies.

The Idea:

I’d buy an old van (I had my heart set on a 60’s vw bus because I’m obsessed). I would then start hacking on it to turn it into an ultimate zombie vehicle. It would be important to mix practical with absolutely insanely impractical. Things like “how to keep from freezing to death in winter” To “how to mount fully automatic rifles to your roof on a home made turret” would be featured. The premise is silly, using a VW an is silly, but I think it would have been amusing enough to be watchable.

Here’s the super quick ridiculous promo I tossed together as a pitch.

(thanks Hackaday for keeping this video up and letting me share a lost moment from your past!)

I came up with 4 rediculous and dangerous hacks that I knew I could deliver.


Was I using this project as an excuse to by myself a new bus? maybe.



Little known, secret, guns scare the crap out of me. I was actually dreading this part. No other aspect of this frightened me in the least. I might have gun phobia.


would have been so easy and so cool.


was slightly concerned about shattering a bottle inside the launching mechanism. Man this one would have been fun!


I came up with several elegant ways to move the chainsaws back and forth. Ultimately a staionary bike and chain seemed like the coolest way to do it.


Then I brainstormed a quick list of actual practical things to sprinkle in

● covert gas pump to pull fuel from gas station reservoirs.
● drone from roof for scoping out new areas/ distractions
● building a small wood stove
● constructing a battery bank trailer
● rigging a toilet
● electronics workstation
● rainwater collection/filtration
● small forge for melting metal
● solar panel system?
● Desulfation for harvesting old batteries.
● water wheel powered battery charging system

Sadly, this project was not meant to be. I left Hackaday pretty much immediately after I came up with this plan. I think there’s real potential here but I’ve had videos that completely flopped before, so who knows. It would take a considerable amount of time and effort on my part and most likely a generous sponsor to make it happen.


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  1. lazercatz says:

    Holy shit caleb, we miss you so much. Go back to hackaday please? Or put out videos on make or something. Just give us more! Maybe you should kickstart this!

  2. cheffy says:

    I want this van. Make me one!

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