Behind The Scenes: Guyver Dark Hero’s Monsters are True Professionals

Monster enthusiast Phil (who might actually be a dragon in a human suit) tipped me off to this fun video. This is a featurette done when the 2nd Guyver movie, Guyver Dark Hero, came out. If you’re unfamiliar, this is a manga adapted to a movie and is pretty silly, but with incredible sculpting and detail. It is pretty wild how you have these creatures in obvious bulky suits but with finely crafted monster faces.

Look at those sculpts! I’d put those on my mantle!

Another thing that is easy to forget when watching this kind of over-the top goofy action is that the stunt staff are really pulling off very difficult and physically taxing feats. Just look at these takes for a fall. Looks painful even with the suit on and remember they’ve got limited vision too!

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