By our powers combined: FPS madness


I’m usually not a big fan of image responses on reddit. However, when this happened on /r/gaming (a place where gamers share links, images, and talk about gaming) I couldn’t help but be amused.  The above image was titled “by our powers combined, we form the ultimate FPS. ”

In this picture is the following:

  • The oculus rift, which tracks head motion and lets you see into the virtual world.
  • The Virtus Omni, which allows you to walk around in this virtual world.
  • A.R.I.A.G. a fancy “feedback” system that lets you feel when you’re getting shot.
  • The Delta 6, a gun controller.

Combined, you have the top of the line virtual reality experience available right now, and all less than $1000 total.

Then someone replied with this image, which cracked me up.



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