Carbonite isn’t just for Han Solo anymore

01-encase-yourself-in-carboniteIs this actually Cosplay? It’s not like this girl is walking around… but just looking at it I envision a ranch house hallway which has every member of the family represented in carbonite.

At first is looks like you’re in for a full body cast, but actually there are just three smaller casts made, one for each hand and one for your head. After molding these high-value parts the body was filled in by placing expanding foam, then carving the hardened result to a fairly accurate body representation.

The carving doesn’t have to be perfect. That’s because much of it is covered by the front half of a dress which is immortalized in the sculpture with a thorough soaking of casting resin.

It’s a huge project, but here’s the instructions if you want to take it on.


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  1. crampenstein says:

    I don’t think it is cosplay, but it is really cool. I want one.

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