Cosplay from The Last of Us

When The Last of Us hit, I really expected a lot more cosplay of the zombies I haven’t seen much yet, but I guess this october we’ll see. There have been several people doing Ellie, but I guess that is because it is fairly easy. All you really need is a red shirt, a pony tail, and a backpack.. I guess.

photographer Adrian , make-up artist Jon Wilks and model Emma Franks,

The head piece is made from expanding foam and has a superb paint job. It really looks like a nasty fungus.

altariah’s Ellie cosplay


couldn’t find who this was


Here’s a snap from the launch event in Argentina


Ms valentine’s Ellie Cosplay

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  1. Ellli says:

    Is there a cheapermethod of the outfit i have trousers,shoes but i need everything else?

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