Dead Sapce armor — construction pics


Here is some amazing armor done by Tarrer at deviantART. The attention to detail is amazing here. Just check out the texture on the helmet in the gallery below.  This costume must have taken forever to build . I wish there was more documentation on how he created this. I’m especially curious about the helmet and arm pieces. They appear to be much sturdier than the usual foam.

Enjoy a few select images from the “making of” area of the gallery. If you would like some more beauty shots, check out the full gallery, there are tons.

There are some nice close up shots of the other gun he built for the the photo shoot as well. Again, there are more pretty pictures spread through his gallery.

One thing that would really spice this up would be to add some nice laser weapons like the video below. Then again, it wouldn’t really be safe to run them in a crowd, so sticking to blue LEDs would probably be a safer bet.

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