Designing 3D Printed Oculus Touch Controller Holsters

DSC01263 (Small)

After designing the simple clip for the Oculus Remote, I thought I would tackle the touch controllers.

There are a number of reasons that you’d want to holster a controller.  Here are just a few quick examples:

  • to use the keyboard/mouse
  • to put the rift on in the first place, or take it off
  • to get a drink or pick up your phone
  • to adjust your cables

I set out with a couple goals on this one

  • the holster should take up very little space outward from your body. You don’t want to be smacking it repeatedlly.
  • the oculus touch should rest in a position that means grabbing it feels natural
  • it should “hook” the controller well enough that moving around won’t cause it to fall off.

as you can see in the video, this should work pretty well.


The holster clip can slide into your pocket or over a belt pretty easily. The Oculus touch is fairly loose, but won’t fall off unless you jump. You can find the files to print your own holsters here, or go to the shop and buy one from me!

DSC01266 (Small)

The Oculus touch file that I printed had some problems that I didn’t bother fixing. They’re largely cosmetic. The model for the oculus touch was designed by King Rahl and you can find that file here.

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