Evil Genius dive instructor wears creature from black lagoon costume


The fine folks at Zen Diving have come up with an inspiring and evil idea. The dive instructor will wear a costume from the creature from black lagoon. Not only is he going to wear it, he’s making it from scratch. You can follow along on their facebook page as he makes it.You can see him go from sculpt to making casts and fitting, then finally painting.  It isn’t quite completed yet, but it already has more awesome than you should look directly at.  I can’t wait to see this costume finished.

Current list of materials being used are: Smooth-on products- silicone, urethane rubber, adhesives, neoprene and much more… This is a full sculpt being done by me, no-recasting… Start to finish this should be a 12 week project and i’m currently rounding out week 4.

Here are a few choice pictures but there are tons more on his facebook page.

There is a forum topic on it, but a user account is require to see some of the pictures.

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  1. teslasmother says:

    I want that dive instructor.

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