Exploring Kowloon Walled City As A Cat: Simple Concept Brilliant Execution

Watch this short clip. If that alone doesn’t give you chills, then you’re probably not the right person for this game.

The HK project is still very much just a loose concept. Being developed by “Koola and Viv” there also isn’t much information available. There’s this piece of concept art, and a hand full of short demo videos.


there are a few things to get excited about here, despite the lack of information.

  • HOLY HELL THAT’S BEAUTIFUL – in the glimpses we have, it is astonishingly and overwhelmingly beautiful. The backdrop is gorgeous, the lighting and textures are astounding. If they only deliver more of what we see, I’ll be blown away.
  • alternative gameplay is welcomed – this looks, from these tiny glimpses, to be AAA quality graphics without the FPS stress that typically comes with them. It looks beautiful, intriguing AND relaxing. Maybe it won’t be relaxing in its final stages but I can fantasize can’t I? I want to plug into a game to relax, my life is stressful enough.
  • Koola? Koola! – I recognize that name! That is the person who had been playing with speedtree and made all those amazing looking tech demos of UE4! Last time I saw Koola’s work I literally begged to get environments to explore from this person… wish granted I suppose!

You can follow along and see the progress as they get some aspects done at their dev blog.

found via Reddit

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