Freakin’ giant robot costume at Comic Con 2013

This is obviously a big budget rig from professionals. It is a collaboration between Wired, Youtube, The Stan Winston school of arts, and Conde Nast Entertainment. I’m guessing the actual work was done by the Stan Winston folks.

It is 9 feet tall and you can see that there is a person in there, in the middle section. The ancient trick of connecting the extra arms with rods is in place here, but you can also see that the head appears to be motorized and feeding a display that the operator can use.

There’s supposedly a mini series coming soon showing how this thing was built!

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  1. Jeremy Cook says:

    That’s a really cool rig. It took me a second to realize where the person is. Kind of surprising it doesn’t fall over though, looks like a lot of weight above the guy.

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