How to play old games on your computer #2: Pong

Pong was my first console. I loved. It. I recall mine being all black though, and possibly with removable paddles.  Over the years, I vaguelly recall seeing a variety of pong consoles in our house. We had the one below that was sold by JC Penny.

We also had the color version, super pong, at one point.


Playing Pong on your computer again requires that you have DosBox installed and configured.

There are tons of versions available. Not only because it is such a simple game, but also there were so many variations released using the same chipset when pong was popular.

I found that PEMU by Jozsef Laszlo was the cleanest and easiest version to use. Of course you can also skip the emulation path and just play flash versions online as well. This one seems to be fairly clean and responsive.

If you choose  to go the emulator route, do the following:

  1. Download PEMU
  2. unzip it and place in your DosBox emulators folder (What? where is this?)
  3. open Dosbox and type the following:
    “cd pemu”


Now you’re playing pong! Here are the controlls by default.

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