How to play old games on your computer: Installing DosBox

DosBox is an emulator that runs on your computer allowing you to run software that was built for MsDos. You’re going to need this to run several programs in the “How to play old games on your computer” series.

This article will focus on installing DosBox and getting it ready to be used in windows. We’ll revisit DosBox at another time to talk about installing Dos games.


  1.  download DosBox
  2. Install with default options.

DosBox is now installed, however when you load it from the icon you’ll find that you’re dropped at a z: prompt.  We next have to configure DosBox so that it has a drive where you’ll be storing files.

To get past this Z: prompt, we can either manually mount our folder each time, or we can set up DosBox to do this for us.  I’ve found that the instructions on the official wiki are out of date.

  1. click start–>dosbox–>options–>dosbox options. This will open a long text file.
  2. scroll all the way down to the bottom and add the following lines at the end of the section labelled [autoexec]:
    mount c c:\dos
  3. Go to your hard drive and create the folder called “emulators”. this is case sensitive.

Next time you load DosBox, you’ll be faced with a c: prompt. Anything you put in the “emulators” folder on your hard drive will appear inside DosBox.




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