I Designed and 3D printed a holster for the Oculus Rift Remote

DSC01256 (Small)

The Oculus Rift remote is quite nice. It is smooth and pleasant and light. It slips right into my pocket in-between experiences. The problem comes when I wish to hit the home button or something during or after an experience. I have to grope around on my desk top or dig in my pocket to pull it back out.


So, I decided to make a super easy slip on belt clip to hold this sucker. It slides over the edge of my pocket or over my belt super easy. I can hit all the buttons without even removing it from the clip.


DSC01257 (Small)

It actually fits either way. The lanyard can go downward or upward. DSC01258 (Small)

speaking of the lanyard, I have no use for that. I may just clip it off so that it isn’t dangly and annoying.

DSC01259 (Small)

You can buy one of these from my shop, or go download and print your own on thingiverse

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