I love this sloppy portable Nintendo 64 hack


CyFus put a lot of work into this portable Nintendo 64 build. Those who frequent modding forums have surely seen better craftsmanship. However, I love this one just the same. Actually I find this more pleasing. I can see the love, effort, and time required for him to have put this together.  The globs of hot glue remind me that there’s a person behind this

Here’s a little insight on how it was built:

A plastic shoe box cut in half as the frame, the guts of an ipod video player, all original Nintendo parts, rumble pack, no memory though :/ and a dozen battery cells. I haven’t timed it yet but ive been playing with it all weekend on a single charge off and on. oh and lots and lots and lots of hot glue i think i used at least 100 sticks to make it solid

g3 g2


found on Reddit.

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