I made a thing! A 3d printed vw bus, that is also a box.


I got a 3d printer for some hackaday stuff that is on the horizon. I had this idea for a modular vw bus toy for quite some time. The body stays the same, but you just swap out whichever roof or suspension you want.  Here you can see the stock suspension with the loaded roof.  If you lift up the body, you have a nice little storage box inside.  It was pretty fun being able to literally design something on my computer, hit print, and have a toy.

If you know someone with a 3d printer, you can download the files here, and print it yourself!

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5 Responses

  1. miffmuff says:

    that is so cool. I would definitely put my weed in there!

  2. Hello! I’m looking for someone in the Ft Myers area who owns a 3-d printer. Could you contact me please? genevieve.judge@winktv.com

  3. Josh Long says:

    is this a recursive link onto your own site to stop webcrawlers? If so I love the passive-agressive strategy against webcrawlers

  4. Caleb Kraft says:

    WordPress does this on its own, it wasn’t anything I came up with. It gets annoying once a ton of people link to an article so I usually turn it off.

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