If Astronauts Got Meaningful Traditional Tattoos Like Sailors, What Would They Get?

hippie astronaut hipster
This astronaut from the cover of the June 1962 issue of Fantasy and Science Fiction is pretty awesome. I’m tempted to say it looks like a hipster astronaut, but of course back then this would have just been sailor’s tattoos. I have to say that this makes me feel like our current space program is extremely lacking in creative vision. Let those astronauts have some sharpies and go nuts!

Traditionally sailor’s tattoos would have had some significance. Either they were tokens of good luck, superstitious symbols, or badges of honor for their trials at sea. What tattoo patterns would adorn an astronauts space suit? That sounds like a fun study to give an art class and see what they come up with. I’ll bet my tattoo artist would have tons of fun with that one.

What would be their anchor? Their compass? Their mermaid?


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