Impale yourself painlessly in minutes


Ouch… a shish kabob skewer to the neck has to hurt! Of course this one is fake and you can do it to yourself in minutes using any narrow object that is likely to poke through your skin. All the kids are doing it. Seriously, look at the images below.

The secret is nothing more than a glue stick. This old movie makeup trick has you pain an area with glue where you have just a bit of extra skin. After it dries for a few minutes and is tacky lay the skewer or other piercing object in place and squeeze the skin together around it until the glue dries. The extra tension on your skin will make sure the wound looks real by mimicing the tension put on swelling and having extra stuff under your skin!

The full guide comes from an Instructable posted by DoneDirtCheap.

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    What’s the name of glue use to do that

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