Inserting Your Face Into A Game Using A Cell Phone


As usual, some more amazing things have surface from Siggraph (a huge annual computer graphics conference). In this case, it is a fully rigged and quite detailed facial rig that was created from a quick pass with a cell phone.


The over simplified explanation would be, you wave the cell phone around in front of your face and voala! Now you have a rigged avatar for use within your games and VR. They’re animating it using off the shelf webcam powered facial tracking software.

If you’re familiar with siggraph, you now that this research paper doesn’t mean that you’ll have an app in your hands any time soon. Maybe it will get integrated into a product at some point, and that would be nice. Right now though, it is just research.

Also note that they don’t really state how much human intervention is required in the process (if any). It still may require a skilled individual to step in at points and carry out certain tasks.

Regardless, this is pretty awesome and would be a really cool way to be able to insert yourself into the game!

[via Prostheticknowledge]

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