Love for Rick Moranis

rick-moranis-cosplayI find it sad that Rick Moranis retired from acting. Thinking back to my childhood he is one of the actors that made me laugh the hardest. It was a nice little blast from the past to see this Dark Helmet cosplay that bounced around the Internet a few weeks ago. And when I came across the Louis Tully character this week I knew I just had to mention them both. But this gets me thinking, what about his other characters? Why don’t we see more Rick Moranis cosplay. More about these two — and my list of his characters I most want to see recreated — after the jump.

Don’t know who Louis Tully is? He’s the Keymaster of Gozer. Still not ringing a bell? This is Rick’s timeless role as a dork in love with someone out of his league in the movie Ghostbusters. The upside-down colander is a set of sensors Egon uses to try to figure out what’s wrong with the guy after he’s bit by a Terror Dog.

Dark Helmet is a bit easier to place. He was the bad guy in Spaceballs. But it’s not just the Helmet that’s impressive, check out this video interview to see his companion Barf.

I looked around and couldn’t find the other characters I would expect. Number one on the list: where is all the Strange Brew cosplay? It would be perfect for a couple of geeky-looking friends. You need some knit caps and a jar with a dead mouse in it.

Little Shop of Horrors is also on my list. Just match these clothes and build yourself a model of Audrey II. This is also a super fun ensemble idea with the greaser/dentist, Audrey herself, and someone to be the full grown plant. I only found one guy giving it a try┬ábut that’s better than nothing I suppose.


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