The Machine: Asimov Would Be Proud


I went hunting for a brainless flick tonight to zone out to and stumbled onto The Machine. A quick preview of the trailer led me to believe that this might occupy my eyeballs well enough, but not to expect much.

Maybe my low expectations contributed, but I really liked this movie. This seemed almost like a lost chapter from I Robot brought to life! Hell, this was a better I Robot than the Will Smith movie was!

The setting, a lab in the depth of a defense facility, was perfect. The sentient robot was written fairly well, and the interactions between the scientist and the robot (in the lab) were all intriguing. I wish the whole movie was just that!

Unfortunately, there were some pretty cheesy elements. I understand the action aspect had to be added, so I’ll forgive that. However, what really stood out was the sound. Whoever did the score for this was obviously shooting for a campy 80s techno-horror revival, however the film itself didn’t reflect any of this campyness. It just didn’t jive through the entire film.

I’d say any science fiction fan should would enjoy the struggle in determining the sentience of “the machine”, but not many other people are going to really love this movie.

Luckily, I’m a science fiction fan.

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