Makeup Monday: Christmas SFX Extravaganza

edit: woops, I mis-scheduled this and it published a day early! Oh well, enjoy.

Today is Christmas! To celebrate that you’ve probably got a little bit of extra time to watch some videos today, why don’t we enjoy an extravaganza of Christmas makeup tutorials?

This half-embedded Christmas ornament is pretty popular out there and I can see why, it is fairly easy.

If you’re wanting to up the shock factor, this tied mouth is enough to make anyone do a double take. Unfortunately this will prevent you from participating in many Christmas feasts or libations.

Not feeling particularly festive? Why not Grinch it up?

Who hasn’t imagined the sharp end of a candy cane poking through their cheek? I know I have.

I don’t know what this is, but it was just really cool to look at, so I guess they did their job well.

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