MegaMan 25th anniversary beer: Mega Pale.

December 17th, 1987: Megaman is released to the world. Many children, including myself, spent years of our life following in, or interacting with, his adventures. 25 years later, to celebrate his birthday, I’ve brewed a special beer.

Mega Pale Ale:

The Mega Pale Ale is a very hoppy beer. This is an American IPA recipe that brings a fairly light body with a pungent hop aroma. The addition of the Tomahawk Hops at the dry hopping stage give this IPA an aroma that will make budweiser drinkers’ eyes water, while not being too alcoholic to still knock back a few.

My friends who enjoy a unique beer will be enjoying the Mega Pale Ale with me on December 17th.


For those of you that brew beer, you’ll find an ingredient list and directions below.

Mega Pale Ale: (makes 5 Gallons)

.75 lbs Belgian Caramel Pils

.25 lbs Briess Caramel 120

6 lbs Pilsen Malt Syrup

1 lb pilsen DME

2 oz Chinook Hops  (for brew)

1 oz Columbus/Tomahawk Hops. (for dryhop)

Safale US-05 ale yeast or Wyeast 1056 yeast


Short directions (typical kit beer directions).

1. bring your grains to boil, then discard

2. add syrup and DME at boil, as well as 1Oz Chinnook.

3. 10 minutes into boil, add 1/2 Oz Chinook.

4. 40 minutes later, add 1/2 Oz Chinook, then boil for 10 more minutes. (60 min total boil).

5. cool and pitch yeast.



1. move to secondary carboy and add 1Oz Tomahawk hops.

2. let sit for 2 weeks then bottle/keg.






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  1. Lance says:

    This is awesome! We are brewing a Mega Man inspired Stout.

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