Mixing Sci-Fi illustration with VR


Be still my beating heart! Mixing virtual reality with sci-fi illustration? Oh my!

The Oculus dRifter is working on a game and always wanted it to start with the image above, but in full and glorious 3D. I can’t blame him either, I’ve personally enjoyed this work by Michael Wheelan myself, even though I’m not well versed in the foundation series. I just want to explore that picture!

What the Oculus dRifter is doing, is attempting to re-create this image with fully modeled pieces so that it has all the depth and texture as it would if you were standing there observing. You can follow along as he progresses on his blog.

I’m really surprised this idea didn’t occur to me when I was playing with converting old sci-fi mag covers to 3d images!

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  1. 3rdfoundation says:

    I have started work on the Trantor level. I am deviating from the painting to make the level more interesting. My primary goal is to capture the size of Trantor and the underground levels. This will be pre-mule. I am shooting for adding a transparent dome at the top. I think I can fit it into the map size.

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