papercraft VW buses for everyone!

Lets start out where VW started, with the Split window microbus.

vw-bus-de-luxe-samba-bus- vw-north-pole-preview volkswagen typ 2 kombi lufthansa 1959 200 vwporsche vw-draisine-thumb 200 vw crew cabThis collection is simply fantastic. Not only does it include the usual “Deluxe” that people so often imagine, it also includes some more interesting variations such as the double cab, and the rail car. You can download all of these and make them yourself. There are tons of other vehicles there too, including some interesting VWs.


Up next would be the “bay window” vw bus.

VW_1 VW_2

These two, as well as a couple other variations are available here.


For those who are more interested in the Vanagon, we have this papercraft ornament for you.



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