Purple GameCube Portable

Gman from the modretro forums has created this cool purple little monster.  It is a portable gamecube that is quite well made. I’m particlularly pleased with how he kept the lines of something from nintendo. Often the portables are mainly just a box shape, but this looks like something that could have come from the official design team.

Here are the features he lists for it:

  • GBA carrying case
  • pal gamecube
  • wiikey fusion
  • av out
  • 2nd player port
  • original gamecube buttons
  • dual tact method for shoulder buttons
  • full sized memory card port on slot B
  • Internal memory card on slot A
  • External Fan -I had heating issues at one time so i had to redo the fan combo
  • Headphone jack
  • 5600 mah rechareable batteries

Here are a few pics from the build. If you want to see more, he has a few on this photobucket gallery.

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