Ready Player One Trailer Released: What Props Will People Build?

The official trailer is out for Ready Player 1.  I read the book and found it to be too heavy handed for my taste, but whatever, this isn’t a book review. The movie looks neat enough, though I have to say I’m already kind of sick of the references from the trailer alone. Again, no big deal, I’ll bet my kids will go NUTS for it. Did our parents find 50’s references in back to the future to be heavy handed? probably.

Any time there’s a new blockbuster coming out I like to try to guess what the costumers and prop builders are going to go after. What will be the big hit item to be reproduced. There’s really nothing important going on here, just a fun little prediction game I like to play.

I’ve spotted 3 things from the trailer that I think we’ll see some nice reproductions of:

The easter egg: We’ll see a 3d printed sculpture of this on thingiverse within the first few weeks of release. if someone wanted a bunch of blog traffic, they’d levitate that egg using a cheap levitation platform off of amazon. Maybe I should do that, doubt I will.


This guy’s VR visor: Dunno who this is. His vr rig is kind of neat though and looks easily recreatable. He’s shown twice in the preview so he’s probably important. I don’t remember the story well enough to guess who he is.


These soldier guys: Those helmets are super iconic. Someone will build one of those for sure. Again, I don’t recall their purpose.


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  • 12/11/2017 at 1:26 pm

    teh suxorz! That is what the zero face guys are.

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