This Real Lightsaber VR Game Is The Coolest Thing You’ll See Today

There’s lots of speculation and conjecture right now in the VR field. So many people are putting out concept videos for things that really don’t actually exist yet but are theoretically possible. Its hard sometimes not to get excited about those, but ultimately they are mostly fantasy.

This, however, is a real demo of someone playing a real game. It is glorious. This lightsaber trainer has you duelling with a training droid and slicing missiles as they pass you by. It is simple, looks like it would be good fun for about 5 minutes, and I think it would be perfect for an arcade style environment.

The best part though, is that this is completely real. It exists, he’s playing it. While his rig is a bit cobbled together and not really what you could toss into your home without a considerable base of knowledge and some expense, the new Vive system with its room sized tracking area should be able to pull this off no problem. We don’t even know what Oculus has planned, but hopefully we’ll hear about that soon!


System being used for this video:(gathered from reddit comments)

  • Oculus rift dk2
  • 16 camera optitrack motion capture stage
  • computer on back to run the oculus rift
  •  “I can build one for you for $30k 🙂 or you can wait 6 months for Vive.”

Remember, the super expensive optitrack system could theoretically be completely replaced with a Vive installation for much much cheaper. However, you’ll still have the tether for the headset to deal with.


[via reddit]

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