Retro Sci Fi Sunday: Whipsers, blast offs, attack of the plants, and space ghosts


Here we have a nice collection of Fantasy and Science Fiction, all from 1963.


Fantasy and Science Fiction, February 1963.  Illustration by John Pederson Jr.


Fantasy and Science Fiction January 1963. Illustration by Ed Emsh.

For some reason this makes me think of Dune. There’s so much going on in this picture, I’m not really sure what all to take from it. It honestly does its job, I’m curious.

sfs4Fantasy and Science Fiction April 1963.  Illustration by Ed Emsh.

I’m unfamiliar with Ed Emsh’s work, but I’m starting to like him. His covers make me genuinely curious. Is this the same guy in the foreground and background? Kidn of looks like it. What is the shadow in the back?

sfs3Fantasy and Science Fiction March 1963. Cover by Ed Emsh.

Those plants appear to be eating that woman. Why isn’t she wearing a suit?

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