Retro SciFi Scans: Jetbikes and Dreamworks Villians


I’d take one of these space age rocket bikes any day. As a matter of fact this cover really makes me want to make a retrofuturistic exploration experience in VR where you can check out these conceptual spaces.

This issue of Worlds Of Tomorrow was published in February of 1967 and has a few fun illustrations.

sfs11 This picture has so much potential. It looks like it could be an ad for the martian (minus the woman). sfs10Well, that’s some unfortunate framing. It really looks like this tiny ship is going to smack this guy’s face. sfs09This is a pretty cool picture but my mind went immediately to the bad guy from Bugs, the Dreamworks movie.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s not dream works. It’s Pixar. From a movie called bugs life.

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