Retro SciFi Scans: The Worlds Smallest Calculator and Music To Read SciFi To

Analog, March 1976

Analog, March 1976

The artwork selection in this issue of Analog isn’t amazing. I mean, typically there is a piece or two that I really find stunning, but what you see on the cover is really the best in my opinion. Maybe some of the other artwork will speak to you, who knows. There is an ornithopter from Children Of Dune. Note that this was part 3 of the serialization before the novel was released!

What did stand out were some of the advertisements. Right off the bat they were trying to sell me the worlds smallest calculator. Just look at that thing! They were so proud of that size, it must have been impressive then. Looks a bit clunky even for a super computer now.

This next page of ads really has some great stuff. I know I wouldn’t mind measuring my theta-waves while wearing a solar powered watch!
Note that this page also has an ad for the worlds smallest calculator… and it is a different calculator. Competition must have been tough in the compact calculator market that year.

I really wish I had a copy of one or two of these albums. I’d love to hear what they had in mind for perfect music to read science fiction by. I’m imagining a lot of Vangelis… For those unfamiliar, here’s a song you’ll recognize. Of course, I’m already waaay wrong because this album wasn’t released till 1989!


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