Reverse bicycle vending machine


Have you seen the soda machines with the robotic arm that fetches your soda? Imagine one of these buried in the ground that dispenses bikes (machine translation). But you can only get a bike out if you put yours in the machine earlier. It’s a way to park without worrying. Obviously that piece of mind comes at a price.

On the surface this is a small kiosk about the size of a bike locker. If you rent parking space from the machine you get a little chip to strap to your front fork. This is how the machine identifies your bike when you slide the front wheel into the slot on the door. From there just step back as it sucks in your ride to be parked in the subterranean cylinder. Average delivery time is about 13, which should help limit your wait at rush hour.

In all it can hold 204 bicycles which are stored like a stacked slide carousel (does anyone remember those anymore). I’m under the impression that the underground footprint in urban areas is already pretty crowded. But if there is room for one of these we’re all for it. I frequently choose not to bike places because I don’t want to leave my road bike out in the open. This keeps it as safe as it is in your own house. See how it works below.

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