Sci-Fi Sunday: Bestiality and Borderlands


Analog always has such great covers. I’ll be sad when I’ve scanned them all.

Up first is from May 1976. We have some kind of a centaur loving up buxom breasted Medusa. The rich reds and her dress for some reason make me think of Spanish art work. No idea why, but that’s what pops to mind.


Up next we have some kind of a blank faced bandit that still manages to look a bit menacing. This immediately calls the game borderlands to mind. The jets in the background help add to the menacing feel.


For those who came here hoping for something to do with the video game and elicit animal sex, sorry.


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  1. maggieleber says:

    Seems to me there was a story in Analog in that era that was even more beasty-explicit than that cover… involved faun-like female aliens; can’t recall the title.

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