Shooting Zombies in VR Looks Insanely Fun

The latest demos from VRcade are looking like so much fun. This is essentially like a rail shooter. The person is standing staionary and the zombies are all coming to them. However, sometimes simple is GOOD! Having full head and hand tracking makes this look like incredible fun. I don’t need to run and dodge. I’m happy to get in and shoot some zombies quick, maybe even co-op!

Of course, this mainly targets the casual gamer. Like any rail system, this may get old quick. Then again, I played that old die hard shooter all the way through many times, and time crisis is no slouch in the popularity department.

If you’d like a closer view of VRcade’s offering (that she’s playing in the video above), here’s the teaser

The reason I actually like the stationary standing is 2 fold.

  1. immersion is better. There isn’t a movement disconnect that can happen with current VR locomotion systems (no, I’m not strapping into the sock-hop party thingy)
  2. This should work perfectly fine with the consumer products we’ll be seeing in the immediate future (vive and oculus touch)

To the 2nd point. Even though Oculus has mostly stuck to the seated experience being best, they’ve also demostrated that the tracking envelope for the headset and the touch devices is considerably larger than initially thought.

Of course, doing it at home may not be quite as nice as at a VRcade location. They’ve got some key things that make it much more pleasant. Foremost, the ability to be wireless. No matter how big the tracking envelope of your home oculus, you can’t escape those cables!

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