Video: Simple Tower Defense Game With an R/C Car


The weather was absolutely gorgeous today. I really wanted to get the kids out to have some fun, but they were not too enthusiastic. Video games were calling their names.

I decided the best way to counteract that would be to make a new game to play outside!

The idea is simple, its a tower defense game.

We have this R/C Car.

DSC02727 (Small)

Trying to knock over these “towers”


While someone on our deck is armed with this

DSC02732 (Small)Both kids get to do something fun. One kid gets to smash an R/C Car into things. The other one gets to shoot at stuff

DSC02730 (Small)

It was pretty fun. They played for about a single battery pack, which isn’t amazingly long, but decent enough fun.

I think this could be especially fun if I had a way to shut down the R/C Car when it was hit. Or to at least set off a siren or something.

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