• Professional Looking Portable N64 is Home Made


    This vacuum formed body looks incredibly professional. Obviously, this isn’t just due to the fact that is vacuum formed, the creator Bungle is also extremely talented.  Here’s his forum thread… Read the rest about it.  In the video below, you get a glimpse into his process for making such an amazing thing.

  • Portable Mod: Technott’s Ps2

    Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 1.06.53 PM

    Technott found himself in the unfortunate situation of having finished a commissioned portable project, but the person who commissioned it had disappeared. It may have been a bit of a stroke of luck though, because he then posted this beauty on line… Read the rest.

  • Portable Mod: The DMG Cube

    Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 7.22.04 AM

    This little red game boy is packing more than it might appear. There’s a gamecube crammed in there!  Gman did a fantastic job building this. His only complaint is that he didn’t include an internal battery.
    -3.5 inch screen
    -Frankencased gameboy case
    -wiikey fusion
    -internal memory card on slot A
    -3ds sliders with RDC’s 3ds to analog microchip board
    -OMGWTF gamecube trim
    -4way tact switch for dpad
    -No batteries!… Read the rest

  • I love this sloppy portable Nintendo 64 hack


    Read the rest
    CyFus put a lot of work into this portable Nintendo 64 build. Those who frequent modding forums have surely seen better craftsmanship. However, I love this one just the same. Actually I find this more pleasing. I can see the love, effort, and time required for him to have put this together.  The globs of hot glue remind me that there’s a person behind this
    Here’s a little insight on how it was built:
    A plastic shoe box cut in half as the frame, the guts of an ipod video player, all original Nintendo parts, rumble pack, no memory though :/ and a dozen battery cells.

  • Xbox masquerades as an atari


    This official portable Xbox 360 mod is an official creation of Atari to mark the 40th anniversary of PONG. Now that you’re drooling over it, lets sweeten the deal… you could win it! Head over to their facebook page… Read the rest to see what you’ve got to do, or whether you have to sell your soul or your first born.