• A timelapse video of the 3d printed vw bus

    Snap 2013-02-15 at 18.51.19

    I printed a version that is red body/white top. This combo is quite nice and easily one of my favorites in real life.
    Printed on the lulzbot A0-100. I’m having a bit of issues with z-wobble. My prints are a bit wavy.… Read the rest

  • I made a thing! A 3d printed vw bus, that is also a box.


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    I got a 3d printer for some hackaday stuff that is on the horizon. I had this idea for a modular vw bus toy for quite some time. The body stays the same, but you just swap out whichever roof or suspension you want.  Here you can see the stock suspension with the loaded roof.  If you lift up the body, you have a nice little storage box inside.  It was pretty fun being able to literally design something on my computer, hit print, and have a toy.

  • The VW Folk art of Roy Jonas.


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    Let me introduce you to the amazing folk art sculptures of Roy Jonas.
    It is somewhat of a common thing to have cute prizes for some of the events that our local VW group puts together. We have camp outs, floats, road trips, etc.