Tentacle Tuesday: The Green Slime, 1968

On Tentacle Tuesday we enjoy quick tutorials on making tentacles, and spotlights on famous tentacles of movie past.

The Green Slime is famous for being one of the worst movies of all time. It does, however, have some wonderfully tacky tentacles. Check out the preview.

You wouldn’t know it from that preview, but this was actually a japanese produced movie with an all western cast. Quite an interesting mashup at the time.  You can find the whole movie below… in Japanese.

so lets take a look at those tentacles!

The tentacles in The Green Slime are mostly, passive floppy foam arms. Actually, you may notice that the monster is smaller than the people, despite the bulkiness of the costume. They had to use children!

In this scene we get a great view of the monsters and instead of just doing the floppy flailing, they’ve gone through the trouble of using monofilament at multiple points for some great puppeteer work.

All in all, this flick is a great moment in tentacle history. Enjoy.