Tentacle Tuesday: Sometimes Simple Is Better

If you’re going to do tentacle movement, you probably immediately think of complicated cable systems (like the list of 13 3d printable tentacle rigs I just published!) but the fact is that you can learn some lessons from older movies like The Green Slime and get some really convincing motion without anything complex. Here’s a great example:

kyahuakaua had attempted to do some stop motion movement with their tentacle and felt that it just didn’t work out. By simply removing the internal structure and attaching mono filament in a few places they were able to get this fantastic motion.

Now, you may be wondering about that stop motion version. Personally, I think it looks AMAZING, but depending on the situation it may have simply not worked. here it is.

On Tentacle Tuesday we enjoy quick tutorials on making tentacles, and spotlights on famous tentacles of movie past.

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