That Time I Created A Werewolf For A Game That Never Got Made


Way back in 2004 or 2005, when I had that computer arcade called Fanatexe (yeah, stupid name, I know. That’s a whole other story). At that point, I was fresh from teaching 3d modeling and animation in Portugal and really thought that I could possibly spin this computer arcade into a legitimate game studio. The best route to do that would be to actually start making stuff. Nothing is worse than someone attempting to jump into the market with nothing under their belt.

I don’t really recall how I got hooked up with this group, maybe via, but I liked their concept. It was a team battle game based on the unreal engine. Werewolves vs…. I don’t remember. My job was to create the werewolves.


I hopped into Zbrush and started sculpting. If I recall correctly, I was building a mesh to fit the existing bone and animation from some existing game, possibly just unreal tournament. Forgive my haziness, its been a LONG time.

Well, I was fairly new to Zbrush and wow, that interface was counter intuitive. However, there’s no denying how much faster it was that simply poly modeling the werewolf.

What really stood out at the time was how incredibly horrid the resultant mesh from Zbrush was. It was insanely dense. Again, I’m not completely clear on what my solution was. At some point Zbrush introduced intelligent retopologizing tools that would allow for you to create more reasonable meshes. I may have used that… or, I may have manually modelled a smarter version in 3ds max and created a normal map there. Either way, I ended up with a fairly low poly model, which was necessary as the team wanted wave after wave of these guys attacking.


Ultimately, that mod or game never happened. I can’t even remember the name of it now, to try to find it on the wayback machine. All I have are these images.

I’ll admit, this isn’t super impressive work. However, I’m getting that itch to get back into some game content creation and this stuff is a great reminder of how good it feels to make stuff.

This wasn’t the only stuff I created, there were several assets for random counter strike maps that I modeled, including some that were a bit controversial due to their NSFW nature. Maybe I’ll dig that stuff out again one day too.

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