The Adventures Of The Robot That Outlived The Humans


While digging through my massive pile of science fiction this morning, looking for something interesting to scan, I noticed this little fella.  This is from September 1970. He struck me as very familiar, I remembered seeing him recently, bored reading some catalogs.

bored robot

I posted this a week or two ago. I thought the idea was cute, but at that time, I thought he looked familiar too!  As it turns out, I had scanned him all the way back in 2012!


Not only did I scan it back then, I thought that one would be cool to view in 3d, so I did a simple conversion! I actually did several covers, if you’re interested in that, go here.

I wonder if I’ll be seeing this robot some more. I certainly could unload all the boxes of books and look for him, but I’m enjoying the random surprises. It is fun to note that these were not back to back. There were several years between them.

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