The VW Folk art of Roy Jonas.




Let me introduce you to the amazing folk art sculptures of Roy Jonas.

It is somewhat of a common thing to have cute prizes for some of the events that our local VW group puts together. We have camp outs, floats, road trips, etc.  What stands out about Roy’s sculptures, aside from the fact that they are all awesome, is the fact that they are made completely from VW parts.

This example above is one that Roy built for me and my wife for our 10th anniversary. Every single piece here came from a VW.
roy_sculpture_10 He has a sense of humor too.  Here you can see that the proposal statue is anatomically correct… thanks Roy!

roy_sculpture_07 roy_sculpture_06

For a few camp outs, there were a couple guys that would play banjo. This inspired Roy to make this cute little guy.


Some are more practical in nature. This oil bath has been converted to a survival kit. I was very jealous of this one.


Another musician, this time with pug in tow.


An offroad bus or “ozark look”. A few of our friends drive buses that look surprisingly like this sculpture all the way down to the offset hatch in the roof. roy_sculpture_01


a glimpse inside one of the survival kit oil baths.


Here’s a cool lamp made from the headlight bucket of a vw.
Here’s a clock made from the speedometer of an old bus.


Roy has now moved to Arizona so he won’t be joining us at very many camp outs. I sincerely hope he continues making these in his spare time though. They were the best prizes from any event I’ve ever seen… no contest.

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  1. miffmuff says:

    holy crap those are cool. Love the anatomically correct dude. You know he was cracking up as he was welding that.

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