This Music Video Is The Game I’d Want My Imaginary Daughter To Play


Sit back and watch this music video. I don’t care if you’re not a fan of the art style, just do it.

Ok then, did you watch it? Good. This music video is the game I would want my daughter to play… if I had one.  I have to admit, at the very beginning of the video I rolled my eyes as the woman met the man at the door, presented him with a gift, and scampered out of scene as he sat down to play. That was all quickly turned on its head though, and the artist managed to capture my attention.

Our Heroine is thrown into a video game world with the goal of rescuing her Dude in distress. It is the classic side scroller story line, just like Mario. Just a simple role reversal, no big deal right?

Well, some stuff stood out to me as the “game” went on. The fact that these things stood out, means that there’s some meat to them.

  • She doesn’t get confused at the instructions.
  • There’s no struggling to pull off things, simply because she’s weak.
  • She dies brutal deaths just like any other game character.
  • Aside from the fact that she’s female, there’s no visual cues (pink backgrounds, bubbly music, etc)

There could possibly be some further, and deeper, symbolism on how the man in her life is the final boss, even when he’s fighting against it, but I don’t want to put words into the creator’s mouth. No matter how you interpret this, its a fantastic example of what gaming equality could and should look like.

I thought it was fantastic, and it really made me lament that there aren’t many of these types of games for little girls to play.

The animator and creator of this is Guy Collins, go check out his youtube channel.



Obligatory note on self awareness: Every time I talk about feminism, I feel a twang. I’m a Caucasian middle class male. I have two sons. Am I out of line to make these observations? I don’t know, but I’ll risk it because I think they have value.

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