A Tour Through Theater Set Design With Mimi Lien and Beowulf Boritt

Sunday is a good day to sit back and ponder set design.

from the video description:

Follow the journey of Tony and Obie Award Winner Beowulf Boritt and Obie and Hewes Design Award winner Mimi Lien as they explore the process of a Scenic Designer. Find out how they got started, what it takes to work in this profession, and how the scenic design is informed through collaboration with many other key members of the theater.

For more information on Beowulf Boritt: http://www.beowulfborittdesign.com/http://www.ibdb.com/person.php?id=392865

For more information on Mimi Lien: http://www.mimilien.com/http://www.broadwayworld.com/people/M…

For more on The Wing, visit http://www.americantheatrewing.org

Leadership Support Provided by Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

I really enjoyed Mimi’s point of view on why building scale models is so important.

For me, models don’t lie. In a drawing you can “make it work” , you can fudge things. The implication of depth in a drawing is just all by perspective, and so you can fake that. So there are things I think that you might not realize in a drawing, but as soon as you build it in a model 3 dimensionally, you realize “oh we’re gonna see that side”