These Unbelievable Game Environments Make Me Excited That Unreal Engine Is Now Free.

The Unreal Engine has recently been announced as completely free to download and tinker with. Sure, if you put out a product they’ll want a percentage, but for many MANY of us, digital piracy would just simply come to a grinding halt if more software companies used this model. I realize many of them simply cant, I mean how would you track what model was created in what software, then used in what product but damn… I wish they would!

Anyway, download Unreal and make more awesome environments for me to explore in VR. The “Paris Apartment” above is simply amazing (though a bit slow on my machine) and I’m thirsting for more!  If you haven’t seen it yet, keep in mind that this is all a real-time environment. You can walk around in it and yes, it looks as good as the video.


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