I Need These Virtual Reality Forests To Get Me Through The Winter

Winter is hard on me. I loathe the cold and the lack of green and sunshine just makes me depressed. Some would claim that it is seasonal affective disorder or whatever, but I just think it is because winter just friggin sucks.

A developer going by the name of Koooolalala has been doing some incredible visualization with the unreal engine, exploring realistic lighting models and fantastic textures in the real-time engine. His latest experiments have left me speechless, and as spring is beginning to tease with the last gasps of winter, have nearly brought tears to my eyes.

Apparently, I need the grass and trees.


The lush underbrush and droplets of moisture are simply stunning. I can almost smell the soil. I want to be able to plug in my rift and just sit in this enviroment … maybe with a heat lamp pointing at me, in the middle of winter. My sanity just may hinge on it. I’m begging here Koooolalala, optimise then give/sell these files!

Ok, I’m not too fond of the winter one. Actually, it makes me feel cold and crappy. But that is just a testament to how friggin good it is! Just like an actor who plays an evil role so well that you dislike them forever after that point.

Yes, the snowflakes are too perfect. I’d offer advice to fix it, but screw it. I’d rather him give me more/better non-winter!

just testing some shader settings here. Still gorgeous.

It looks like he was inspired by the art of Simon Stålenhag just like the folks who brought his paintings to life!

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5 Responses

  1. cheffy says:

    Why not the sunny beach?

  2. Have you tried it in the rift yet?

    • Caleb Kraft says:

      No, I don’t think the files have been released and they’re also not optimized for VR. My machine would likely studder like crazy. I want to try though!

  3. scstraus says:

    Finally, realistic looking trees! It’s been a long time coming!

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