Watch: 3D Painting in VR Is Freaking Crazy

Once again, it isn’t necessarily the games that get me excited about virtual reality. In this example you can see a (sped up) video of someone painting in VR. This is an entirely new medium, not only can you make a 3 dimentional “painting”, you can then walk around it and explore.  This is like having all the resources to create full sized sculptures at your fingertips.
Not only can you use different colors and textures, but different materials as well. You can paint with things like fire and light!

You’re using your motion tracked hands (like the lighthouse system from valve, or oculus touch), and of course you are viewing this through the rift or vive, allowing you to move all around your art.

I can’t wait to see what happens when this tool starts to get into the hands of sculptors. Prototyping art pieces is going to become a completely different animal pretty soon!

How does one even do painting in VR?

Well, you waive your arms around … a LOT.

Here’s a video of someone playing in the system

as you can see, it is taking his movement pretty much 1 to 1. Then again, it also appears as though he scales a bit to get to some areas.

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