Watch The Coolest Motion Rig Ever Fling This Girl Around A Room

Its called the “Cable Robot Simulator” and it is easily the coolest motion platform I’ve ever seen. Obviously you aren’t going to have one of these in your house. Most of us likely won’t ever even own a room big enough to house it. Aside from that, there will probably be very few pieces of software ever written to actually drive this thing. None of that matters though, this is just friggin awesome!

The interesting method of attaching all those cables means that this sucker can get all kinds of nifty angles. It appears to be pretty damn quick too. I just want this with a series of driving and dogfight simulators… pretty please?

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2 Responses

  1. Kyle says:

    LinuxCNC could drive it. Getting a simulator to spit out Gcode to feed to LinuxCNC might be interesting. 🙂

    • Caleb Kraft says:

      yeah, sadly there’s no standardized output from games. It seems like there could be a single output that would just give angle and movement, which would then be interpreted by whatever hardware you choose to use. If all games spit this out, anyone could tap into it for their motion rigs kind of like building an inverse kinematic system.

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