Watch These Insanely Detailed Murals Spring From The Artists Mind

These insanely detailed murals are just stunning. Watching this video, you may be wondering where the artists reference material is. Well, Korean artist Kim Jung Gi has a knack for drawing from his mind.

The rock solid perspective and fine detail of his drawings instantly drew me in. Note how he will jump to a spot and detail that section without roughing in the rest of the shape. This is opposite of the way many illustrators work, roughing and refining the form before detailing it.

While Kim Jung Gi does a LOT more than just these murals, I find this medium to be particularly enthralling to watch.

His ability to capture perspective is particularly interesting as he didn’t learn “point perspective” in school. In the video above, at the 30 minute mark, he explains how he visualizes perspective by imagining a cube around his subjects. Apparently, he can visualize the dimensions of a cube much easier than imagining perspective for the whole piece.

Here’s the bio from His site

Kim Jung Gi is a korean artist born in 1975 in Goyang-Si in the province of Kyongki-Do (South Korea). At 19, he entered the Fine Arts School and  majored  in “Art & Design”. During 3 years,  he studied on the west coast at the Dong-Eui university of Busan which is famous for its technical courses. 23 000 fellow students may also have given him some nice material to start with as a source of inspiration ! As every man in Korea he also served in the army during more than 2 years, in the special forces section, which allowed him to memorize an amazing number of vehicules and weapons.

Funny Funny, KJG’s first publication, was published in the manwha (comic book) Young Jump. Then came several short stories and a few exhibitions before KJG started to teach manwha at universities and private schools.

To find more of his work and keep up to date on his shows, check out his site.

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