Who are the greatest imaginary scientists for kids?

cartoon scientists

While stumbling around the web I found this fantastic tattoo of  Great cartoon scientists all stand and admire as Nibbler decides that Gary would make some fine escargot. This tattoo given by Andy Von is the beginning of a great cast. You can clearly see Dexter, Professor Farnsworth, Adark, Antonio Utonium, Mandark, and Bunsen and Beaker.

Who else should go on this list though? Lets keep it to kids shows (hey, Beaker and Bunsen aren’t cartoons).

I’d suggest the following:


Professor Membrane from Invader Zim

Created GIR.

From Wikipedia:

A scientist who hosts the popular television show Probing the Membrane of Science and the father of Dib and Gaz. Membrane’s scientific abilities are offset by incredibly poor parenting: his primary method of managing his children is by way of a floating digital projection screen-and his messages to them are often not only prerecorded, but woefully out of date. He has sometimes urged Dib to give up on the paranormal and focus on “real science”. His scientific achievements ranged from useful to bizarre, ranging from restoring power during a blackout to useful inventions like “SuperToast”.


Brains from Thunderbirds

Badass Orphan who designs ships

From Wikipedia:

Brains is a scientific genius, employed by International Rescue as their engineer. Characterised as a classic nerd, he speaks formally (albeit with a stutter), wears oversized, horn-rimmed, blue spectacles. A highly-valued if somewhat socially maladroit member of the team, he designed the Thunderbird machines and other vehicles and facilities used by International Rescue and its agents – indeed, much of its hardware and infrastructure. He also constructs a chess-playing robot called Braman (which fortuitously served as a spare computer in the episode “Sun Probe“). Brains’s technical expertise is occasionally required in the field, in which case he usually accompanies the more glamorous Tracy brothers on their missions in Thunderbird 2.

Brains has occasionally designed vehicles for organisations other than International Rescue. These include Skythrust (in the episode “Alias Mr. Hackenbacker“) and Skyship One (in the film Thunderbird 6). These commissions are built under strict security to maintain the secrecy of International Rescue.

Aptly nicknamed “Brains” by the other members of International Rescue, his real name is never revealed in the series. While working on external projects, Brains adopts an alias to protect his identity. For example, he uses the alias “Hiram K. Hackenbacker” while working on the Skythrust project, and the board that commissions Skyship One knows him only as “Mr X”. In the 2004 film, his real name is Ray Hackenbacker.


Dr. Benton Quest.

“One of the top Scientists in the world”, also badass Ginger.

From Wikipedia:

Jonny’s father and a US government scientist, considered to be “one of the three top scientists in the world,” with interests and technical know-how spanning many fields. Raising Jonny and Hadji as a single father, he is conscientious and decent, though willing and able to take violent decisive action when necessary for survival or defense. Benton Quest was voiced by John Stephenson for five episodes, and by the late Don Messick for the remainder of the series.

Newton Gimmick from Teddy Ruxpin

Built a friggin airship, also probably has mild Autism (he can be unknowingly rude).

From Teddy Ruxpin Online:

Newton Gimmick is the brains and sometimes the technical difficulty behind the trio’s adventures. Stumbling upon Teddy and Grubby in the initial story line, the quiet, elderly inventor almost immediately befriended the duo and offered his help, and his Airship, to find the Treasure of Grundo. Things with the Airship, Gimmick’s prize invention, got off to a rocky start but thanks to help from Leota the Woodsprite the Airship became an invaluable tool in all of the trio’s subsequent journeys.



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  1. gelfling says:

    wait, there are no evil scientists here. You’re totally missing out.

  2. miffmuff says:

    THE BRAIN from pinky and the brain. Would be the best tattoo ever.

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